RailCore II ZL300 3D Printer Full Kit

Why should you choose the RailCore 3D printer? 

The Railcore II ZL300 is a CoreXY style printer capable of extreme printing speeds and high quality and repeatability. Some of the advantages are: 

- The panels make the 3D printer frame extremely stable and stiff
- The CoreXY style combined with its stability makes the printer extremely fast. Travel speeds of 400 mm/s and printing speeds of 120 mm/s are normal and so     me go even higher
- The Railcore II 3D printer is open source attribution only and can thus be modified and used as a foundation for new designs.
- The Railcore II Printer can be made using mostly 3D printed parts but it is possible to upgrade almost all part to aluminum
- The Railcore II Printer is designed to be easily modifiable.
- When using aluminum parts and high quality parts the Railcore II 3D printer has low maintenance and can run for months maybe even years without tuning or     replacing parts
- The build volume is large with 300X300X300 for the ZL version and 300X300X600 for the ZLT version
- The accuracy of the Railcore II 3D printer is amazing. It is common to print layer heights of 0.05 mm and some even print 0.02 mm layers
- The Railcore II printer uses tramming to level the bed. A probe senses where the bed is and the the controller adjusts the 3 lead screws to make the bed level i. for this is not enough mesh bed leveling can be applied after the tramming has been done.

RailCore 3D printer is open source. Read more about the RailCore 3D printer here