We 3D print low to medium series at competitive prices 

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Need something 3D printed?

HighTemp3D specialize in printing medium and high temperature materials. 

We can print in durable and strong materials. Due to our high quality 3D printers we are able to print in high temperature. This makes us capable of printing in:


The price of 3D printing

At HighTemp3D the price depends heavily on the batch size but we can compete with injection molding up to 5000 bach size. We use our advanced custom-made high temperature 3D printer to achieve high quality prints with low internal stress levels.

One of our latest customers got a competitive price for printing in ABS:

”1 unit is 200 Euro
10 units 100 Euro each
200 units would be 12 euros”

He chose to get 200 units printed.

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Advantages of 3D printing

Our advanced custom-made printer technology allows us to adjust the chamber temperature of the printer to match the requirements of the plastic being printed. We can print at chamber temperatures up to 135°C and can thus get very close to Tg of the plastic. When comparing our advanced technology with injection molding you get the following advantages:

The design can be changed with hours of notice.

Low startup cost
The startup cost is low because no mold is needed. Scaling the production is possible and the price drops rapidly with the increase in batch size

Complex designs
Create complex designs that are not possible to do with injection molding. The serial numbers can be added to the printed parts.  

Need an advice when CHOOSING 3D printing materials?

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Why chose 3D printed ABS?

ABS gets soft at temperatures above 105°C. Nylon is a very strong material with little flexibility. One of the advantages is that ABS a fairly cheap material.

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Why chose 3D printed nylon?

Nylon gets softer with increasing temperature but keeps its integrity up to 160°C. Nylon is very flexible and a low friction material. Nylon is reasonably priced material. 

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Why chose 3D printed polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is much stronger than ABS and has almost equal strength in all directions. It’s a little flexible. A reasonably priced material considering the performance PEEK/PEKK Ultra performance engineering material capable of handling up to 260°C when annealed. Polycarbonate is extremely strong and stiff but quite expensive.

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