DyzeExtruder Pro from Dyse Design
DyzeExtruder Pro from Dyse Design

DyzeExtruder Pro and DyzEndPro by Dyze Design

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DyzeExtruder Pro  by Dyze Design

DyzeXtruder Pro from Dyze Design is a lightweight all-metal extruder and one of the smallest on the market. The extruder is no larger than the NEMA 17 it uses, making it very space efficient on multiple extruder configurations. The DyzeExtruder Pro is stronger than ever and with the improved teeth and new bearing types the DyzeXtruder Pro is able to push as much as 10 kg (22 pounds) of force. This is more than necessary for all 3D printing applications.

A High temperature extruder 

The new backblock has cooling fins for increased heat spreading in high temperature environments. The DyzeExtruder Pro is available with a class F stepper and a class H stepper. Class F steppers have windings rated 155C and can be used in an 80C chamber (Limiting factor is the connectors) and class H steppers have windings rated 180C and uses PTFE coated flying lead and can thus be used in a 135C chamber.

Options available:

  • DyzeXtruder Pro with stepper mounted
  • DyzeEnd Pro with fan, heater and Sensor
  • DyzeXtruderPro and DyzeEnd Pro kit

DyzEnd Pro by Dyze Design

The DyzEnd Pro from Dyze Design has a small form factor making it one of the smallest hotends on the market. It is designed with a high temperature heat block, a ceramic coated transition tube, vibration dampening feature, reinforced sealing properties, and smaller vibration resistant connectors that are better suited for 3D printers in closed environments.

The DyzEnd Pro comes equipped with Dyze Designs new ultra wear resistance tungsten carbide nozzle. The high thermal performance of the tungsten carbide keeps the nozzle tip hot, thus allowing faster printing speed without sacrificing the quality. Tungsten carbide has exceptional wear resistance due to its high hardness.

About Dyze Design

Dyze Design are a well-known developer and manufacture of critical components at the heart of 3D printers. When is comes to quality products Dyze Design specialize in hotends, extruders, sensors and other kinds of accessories. 

Dyze Design mission is to improve the reliability and usability of 3D printers so that it is possible to 3D print durable materials such as ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PEEK and many other 3D print filament. 

HighTemp3D - An official European reseller of Dyze Design

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