High temperature chamber heater rated 135C

High temperature chamber heater rated 135C

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This heater is to be used for high temperature chambers. it can handle and has been tested for temperatures up to 135C and can possibly reach and handle 150C. It has been designed specifically for the Railcore 2 but can be used for other printers if space allows. The heater has the following specs:

2X1.5 kW heaters

30 watt brushed 24 volt motor for the fan

Aluminum fan casing and bearing block

PEKK impeller and shaft. (only shaft is anealed)

PEKK PTC holder

CF-PC top cover/bearing block

CF-PC heater casing

CF-PC air guide that moves the air from above the build plate to below.

Some or all of the 3D printed parts might change into CF-HTN og GF-Nylon at some point. Please note that it makes quite some noise. Dont put it in your bedroom. The first 8 of this heater will be sold as prototypes at reduced price.