High temperature linear rails for 3D printers
High Temperature linear rails from Misumi

Misumi high temperature linear rails for 3D printers

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These linear rails from Misumi are good for up to 150°C. The 395 mm length is a perfect match for the Railcore II ZL 3D printer.

Misumi linear rails are a good choice for other high temperature 3D printers as well or if you are working on upgrading your 3D printer to a high temperature 3D printer. 

Misumi linear rails are high quality rails not to be compared with cheap so called China rails. 

What is linear rails?

Linear rails are also called linear motion guides and linear slides. They are motion components used to achieve sliding motions in 3D printers. Misumi linear rails consist of a stiff steel rail along with a carriage slide. 

Misumi product number: SSELBT13.