Misumi linear Rails for the Railcore II ZL and other 3D printers
Misumi Linear rails for RailCore II and other 3D printers

Misumi linear rails for 3D printers - Length of your choice

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Misumi rails run smooth as butter. You can choose between stainless steel and carbon steel and high grade and precision grade. Also select the length you need. 

What linear rails is needed for the RailCore II ZL 3D printer?

For the RailCore II ZL 3D printer you you need: SELB13-395 or SSELB13-395. The Y-Rail must be 395 mm long, the others can be longer but 395 mm is sufficient. Precision grade is not necessary.unless you have a lot of money burning in your pocket. You need the rails with the long blocks because they have 20 mm between the mounting threads.

Carbon, steel or stainless steel linear rails?

When choosing between carbon steel and stainless steel consider the environment the printer is operating in. If the humidity is above 60% for long periods of time it is recommended to use stainless steel. Otherwise the carbon steel rails are fine as long as you keep them well greased.

Need high temperature linear rails and special lengths?

Elsewhere on this shop high temperature linear rails are also available. If you need special types please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be glad to help you out. 

What is linear rails?

Linear rails are also called linear motion guides and linear slides. They are motion components used to achieve sliding motions in 3D printers. Misumi linear rails consist of a stiff steel rail along with a carriage slide. 

Misumi linear rails product numbers

SELB13- High Grade Carbon Steel long carriage

SSELB13- High Grade Stainless Steel long carriage

SELBV13- Precision Grade Carbon Steel long carriage

SSELBV13- PreCision Grade Stainless Steel long carriage

LDO linear rails - A cheaper alternative to Misumi

We also offer a cheaper alternative to Misumi high quality linear rails. LDO linear rails are a great alternative and are much better than the so called China rails. We have :

LDO linear rails 400 mm for 3D printers

LDO linear rails 700 mm for 3D printers