RailCore II ZL300 3D printer - full kit

RailCore 3D Printer II 300ZL - full kit

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Your guide to configure your RailCore II ZL300 3D printer

This is a full Railcore II 300ZL kit based on the open source printer created by Steve White and Tony Akens. Some upgrade parts are not open source. You choose what you want included in the kit. There is no pre-made wire harness.

With all options you can choose to bring your own: 

Frame component

The extrusions are from Misumi and corner cubes are included. The stainless steel panels are 2 mm thick brushed steel. The stainless steel can have small imperfections and scratches. Stainless steel panels generate a bit more noise than standard panels. You can choose to have the extrusions pre-tapped.

Motion components

Lead screws TR-8X2 and full gates motion set. You can choose:

Belt type

The standard belt is a Gates belt rated 80C, you can choose a Gates belt rated 135C


All the nuts and bolts you need in a plastic assortment box. This is a complete bolts and nuts kit for the Railcore II ZL300. It contains everything you need in the Hardware section of the BOM


  • Power Cable
  • Meanwell LRS350 power supply
  • Power Switch
  • LDO XYZ steppers rated 180C winding temperature
  • LDO extruder Pancake stepper rated 180C winding temperature
  • Genuine BLTouch
  • Layer fan
  • Silicone Bed heater
  • Panasonic SSR
  • Bed Thermistor
  • Endstop microswitches
  • Wires for wiring the power supply.
  • High temperature silicone coated wires for building the harness rated 200C
  • Connectors, ferrules etc.
  • The Duet is with external antenna because standard does not work with metal enclosure. 


An Engineer PA-09 for crimping connectors an IWISS Hsc8 6-6 for making ferrules and a 5.5 Hex nut driver.


Magnetic bed called Magbed from Mandala Rose Works. 

Stepper and idler mounts

You can not choose 3D printed here as 3D printed is not recommended. Instead we have the aluminum standard idler mounts from Mandala Rose Works. 


You can choose 3D printed or aluminum z-brackets from Mandala Rose Works


You can choose 3D printed or the single/dual extruder carriage in aluminum  from Manala Rose Works.

Hotend Mount

You can choose 3D printed or Aluminum from Manala Rose Works, both native Mosquito and E3Dv6 mount available in aluminum. If you want to use Hemera chose bring your own here and select the Hemera Y-Mount


You can not choose 3D printed here as 3D printed is not recommended. Instead we have the X carriages in aluminum from Mandala Rose Works. 


You can choose 3D printed or aluminum z yokes from Mandala Rose Works.

Belt Retainer

You can choose 3D printed or aluminum belt retainer and clips from Mandala Rose Works.


The extruder is a BMG from Bondtech. Bowden tube included


You can choose Native Mosquito Hotend mount or Mosquito Magnum. Temperature sensor, 50 Watt heater Cartridge, fan and Boron Nitride paste is included.

Part cooling shroud

James Tongue part cooling shroud printed in FunToDo high temperature resin. Rated 220C

3D printed parts

3D printed parts are included if order total is higher than 1500 Euros and they are all printed in ABS.

  • Feet
  • Electronics box corners
  • Duet/Duex standoffs
  • X-Endstop
  • Y-Endstop
  • BLTouch mount
  • Z alignment tool

Community groups on social media

There is an active community on both Facebook and Discord

Online Fusion Drawing


Original BOM from the creators


Assembly Instructions


Official Mandala Rose Works reseller

We are a proud official EU reseller of Mandala Rose Works. They are well known for their high quality aluminum products made for the RailCore II and other 3D printers.